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Our Annual Training EXPO for ARIZONA@WORK staff and Eligible Training Providers is set for Friday, December 1 at Desert Willow Conference Center. Registration for sponsors and participants is here!

Step into a realm of boundless opportunities at the ‘Discover Your Magic’ Training EXPO – an extraordinary event designed exclusively for Training Providers like you! This isn’t just another gathering; it’s a powerful convergence where Training Providers come together to ignite the potential of Arizona’s workforce.

Prepare for an agenda packed with illuminating breakout sessions designed to elevate your workforce development role. This is your chance to delve deep into the world of training and witness the magic that occurs when we join forces for the betterment of Arizona’s workforce.

Don’t hesitate! Register today and become an integral part of this transformative journey. Join us as we uncover the keys to cultivating a more robust and dynamic workforce.

May this event be a catalyst for your growth and impact on Arizona’s workforce development. Let’s make this endeavor truly magical in the spirit of unity and progress.

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APSA Training EXPO 2023 - Friday, December 1st