Dear Friends,


The Federal Election cycle we are in is nothing like anything we have witnessed before.  Behind the scenes, Legislators are continuing to move bills through the House and Senate.  There are reasons to be concerned and then there are reasons to act.

The House and Senate Armed Services Committee is considering the inclusion of two harmful proposals directed solely at our community.  These provisions were adopted during the HASC mark up of H.R. 6395 and included in the bill passed by the House (295-125) in July.  Now, the Senate Armed Services Committee staff and the House Armed Services Committee staff are currently pre-conferencing the legislation to work out the compromises and reconcile differences between H.R. 6395 and the Senate Bill (S. 4049).  Staff will settle many areas of disagreement so that when the Senators set a date for the Official House and Senate Conference negotiations, they will just hammer out the remaining details.  Proposal 1.  Section 560M of the House Armed Services bill would establish a new 90/10 requirement under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense and would require the inclusion of all forms of DoD assistance, Title IV funds, and all other forms of Federal funds to be included within the calculation.  Proposal 2.  Section 560F of the House Armed Services bill would require the Secretary of Defense to establish a publicly available website that identifies schools receiving funds under the DoD Tuition Assistance Program, the amounts of funding received and audit the eligibility of our schools to participate in DoD Tuition Assistance Program if the institution does not meet the financial responsibility standards under Section 498 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and make the audit findings public within 30 days of completion.  Passage of this legislation will establish two competing and conflicting Federal Policies aimed solely at your school, raise regulatory burdens, and purposely limit access by Veterans and Service Members to the education and training of their choosing.  Therefore, they need to hear your voices, NOW.  This serves as a reason to act and this serves as your call to action! 

Your message to the Senators is straight forward.  “I write to request that you immediately contact the leaders of the Senate Armed Services Committee and express your strong opposition to inclusion of Sections 560M  and 560F of H.R. 6395 in the conference report on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2021.  I hope that you will contact Chairman Inhofe and/or Ranking Member Reed and seek their assurance that they will not adopt this provision during discussions with their House colleagues regarding the final NDAA conference report”.

For your convenience, a sample letter and several “Taking Points” are included.  I ask that you email, and snail mail the Senators using the information here:  Note:  Senators and Representatives now only use web-based forms, not emails


Office of Senator Martha Mc Sally                                   Office of Senator Kyrsten Sinema

404 Russell Senate Office                                                        404 Russell Senate Office

Washington, D.C.  20510                                                         Washington, D.C.  20510

(202)224-2235                                                                           (202)224-4521

Talking Points on the 90/10 proposal


The House Armed Services Committee’s decision to include this provision in the NDAA is both unnecessary and misguided.  If enacted, the 90/10 provision, as written, would:


  • Gratuitously target the private postsecondary sector solely
  • Establish two competing and conflicting Federal Policies, raising regulatory burdens, limiting choice for Veterans and Service Members
  • Use the NDAA to address unrelated policy disputes best resolved through regular order by the House and Senate Education Committees that have jurisdiction over this issue
  • Pose immediate and lasting negative consequences for veterans and service members by limiting their access and choice to pursue quality certificate, diploma, and degree programs
  • Needlessly undermine provisions already in place to address all institutional integrity concerns and.
  • Result in immediate and irreparable harm to institutions, their employees, their students, and the employers that depend on these institutions to meet their workforce needs


Talking Points on the Audit Provision


  • Creates an unfair and duplicative burden that is not applied to all institutions of higher education
  • Forces the Secretary of Defense to monitor, track, and report all the institutions that participate in TAP and the amount of funds they receive. If this is needed, should not oversight of potential risk be applied to all institutions that receive the funds?


Arizona House of Representatives Congressional Members Contact Information.  Note: You will access their web-based forms once on their website.


  1. 1st District Tom O’Halleran (D)
  2. 2nd District Ann Kirkpatrick (D)
  3. 3rd District Raul Grijalva (D)
  4. 4th District Paul Gosar (R)
  5. 5th District Andy Biggs (R)
  6. 6th District David Schweikert (R)
  7. 7th District Ruben Gallego (D)
  8. 8th District Debbie Lesko (R)
  9. 9th District Greg Stanton (D)